Important Information for Water Customers Regarding Tuesday, July 11th

Our water main cleaning/lining contractor, Biszko, will be replacing three valves and a section of water main scheduled for Tuesday, July 11th at the intersection of High Street and South Main Street.  This is the last large-scale valve/main replacement for the project that will necessitate some of our customers being without water service for a portion of that day.  We will need to shut-off water service on South Main Street between High Street and Lapham Farm Road, and this will also include Griffin Street, Reservoir Road and George Eddy Drive, from approximately 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on that Tuesday.  South Main Street south of Lapham Farm Road will likely have low water pressure since customers there will only have water coming from the small South Main Street water storage tank.  Because of the significant nature of this work at the busy intersection of High Street and South Main Street, Biszko will have a police detail onsite for traffic control.  If you can avoid driving in that area on Tuesday, July 11th by finding an alternate route, that would be helpful.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but are looking forward to a much improved section of water main and control valves in that critical area of our system.

Update on Phase 2 of the Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project

Pascoag Utility District (PUD) would like to update our water customers on the progress of the Phase 2 Water Main Cleaning/Lining Project.

North Main Street, Grove Street and Laurel Hill Avenue’s water mains have been lined. The newly lined water mains are in the process of being chlorinated and then will be tested for bacteria, prior to customers being removed from the temporary bypass mains and put back on the original main. Church Street has been moved to the bypass mains and the original main is out of service and being prepared for lining.

Biszko Contracting Corp. will begin work on Sayles Avenue and Irving Avenue during the week of June 5th. This is what customers can expect once construction begins:

  • An advance notice letter will be put in doors at least 48 hours before temporary bypass mains are installed. The advance notice letter will tell you when they will need to access your property.
  • The contractor must access the location of where the water meter is and connect two temporary hoses. The first hose is a source hose which will feed your home from the bypass line while the original main distribution line is re-lined with cement. The second hose is a “blow-back” line.
  • The bypass mains and newly lined mains are cleaned and tested for bacteria by BAL Laboratories prior to the customer being switched over.
  • Special fittings located on the bypass pipe will allow the fire department to connect their fire hoses directly to the bypass pipe, thereby maintaining firefighting capability while the water main is out of service.
  • There may be some very temporary service disruptions and occasional rusty water incidents as water service is moved to the temporary bypass mains and then back again once the cleaning and lining is complete.
  • Water bills will be estimated for the duration of time that the bypass mains are connected to your water meter.

We will be updating our website, Facebook page and sending out phone calls and text messages through the Town of Burrillville’s Code Red system, with periodic updates regarding the Project.

If you have any questions, please call the Pascoag Utility District office at 568-6222.

As always, we thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding these matters.

Pascoag Utility District

Water Outage due to Emergency Valve Repair-Monday, May 22nd for customers on Charles Street and Howard Ave.

There will be an emergency valve repair replacement taking place on Monday morning, May 22nd which will cause an interruption in water service. From 08:00 AM till 11:00 AM, valve replacement will be conducted on the valve located at the junction of Howard Avenue and Laurel Hill. The customers who will be affected by this outage will be all customers located on Howard Avenue and Charles Street. The repair will require a momentary outage of your water supply. This repair is required in order to proceed with the water lining project which is currently underway. Please be advised that our contractor Biszko, has also left notification on customers properties whom will be affected. This message serves as reminder to all customers within the affected areas, that all preparations be made prior to start of Monday morning’s anticipated shut down. As always, thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding these matters.

Water Outage due to Emergency Valve Repairs and Hydrant Replacement-May 18th 8AM-11AM

Pascoag Utility District will have to complete two emergency valve repairs and one hydrant replacement tomorrow morning (May 18th) which will disrupt your water service. From 08:00 AM till 11:00 AM, valve and hydrant replacement will be conducted in three separate areas of the water distribution system simultaneously. The repair will require a momentary outage of your water supply. This repair is required in order to proceed with the water lining project which is currently underway. Please be advised that our contractor Biszko, has left notification on customers properties whom will be affected. This message serves as reminder to all customers within the affected areas, that all preparations be made prior to start of tomorrow mornings anticipated shut down.  As always, thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding these matters.   

Areas that will be affected:

Centennial St, Grove Ln, Spring Lane, Roosevelt, Hamlet, Frederick St., Union, Gauy St, Smith Estates, Hill Rd, South Brook Rd, and Fairbanks.

Laurel ridge, North Rd, Erin Ln, East Wallum Lake, Old Wallum Lake, 425 Church St (up).

North Main St, Shea Lane.


Reminder-Annual Maintenance Hydrant Flushing During the Week of May 8th

This is a reminder that the Pascoag Utility District water department will be performing its annual maintenance flushing this week.  The planned schedule is as follows: Monday – flushing of water storage tanks and Pascoag Main Street near cemetery and Interconnection with Harrisville.  Tuesday – Rock Ave, Eagle Peak, Lake Shore Drive, Camp Dixie, Broad Street, Church Street, Pascoag Main Street, Spring Street. Wednesday – South Main Street, Reservoir Road, Griffin Court.  Thursday: Upper part of Church Street, Howard Avenue, Charles Street, Pine Street, Old Wallum Lake Road, East Wallum Lake Road, Centennial Street, Grove Lane and Union Avenue.  The flushing is aimed at removing the rust sediment that builds up in the bottom of the water mains over the course of this past year.  We use forceful flushing at various hydrants throughout the system to remove this sediment and to scale and remove additional rust off the pipe walls.  You may experience rusty water at times during the week as we flush from location to location.  Thanks for bearing with us as we carry out this important work.

Water System Update 3/27/17

We really appreciate all the customers who either called us back today, or took our calls, to let us know the current condition of their water.  We have learned that most of the impacted customers have reported much clearer water today, which means we were able to get most of the slug of discolored water sediment out of the system by the flushing activity on Friday, although it took most of the weekend before the sediment had finally worked its way out.

We also had an extensive meeting with our water quality engineer today to determine the route cause and further adjustments to our maintenance activities to try to help the problem.  The recommendations included twice a year directional flushing (the aggressive scouring type of flushing) instead of once per year, most likely in the spring and fall seasons.   The recommendations also include taken the water storage tanks off line once or twice a year, and flushing the bottom sediment from the tank, which is where the water intake is generally located.

We have also heard many complaints of high chlorine smell, so we looked into redesigning our chlorine sampling points to introduce less chlorine into the system, while still being able to maintain the state required chlorine residuals across the system.

And as always, the long term fix, is to continue facility upgrades, such as the Water Storage Tank Rehab project, the SCADA project, and the Water Main Cleaning and Lining project, the latter of which starts up again in April.

We also heard that people were concerned about bacterial testing.  We actually do significant bacterial testing each month, and our system has been in compliance for several years.  But in order to alleviate concerns due to this incident, we have scheduled additional testing, just to be safe, in order to make sure there are no bacterial issues.  We will have those results on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, and will report them.

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue these upgrades to the water system.Thank you for your continued patience as we continue these upgrades to the water system.

10th Annual Green Festival Sponsored by Pascoag Utility District and Burrillville Parks & Recreation!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Stillwater Mill Center

100 Tinkham Lane

Harrisville, RI 02859

It’s our 10th Anniversary and we couldn’t have gotten here without you! We have a great line up of green vendors in attendance and tons of activities planned for the day!

The Festival has something for everyone! Learn about local products and ideas that will help you conserve energy and create a more sustainable lifestyle. There will be free crafts, face painting and bucket truck rides for children.

This year Pow Science will be running a special children’s electricity workshop in the Jesse Smith community room. Lights light, buzzers buzz and stuff literally starts flying around during this engaging, electrical extravaganza! They’ll even use one of the best electrical conductors around-the human body-to complete a circuit the whole group will be a part of!  Sessions will be at 11AM and 12PM for grades 3 and up. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Please contact the Children’s Department at the Jesse Smith Library (710-7800 x 2) to sign up.

The Burrillville Farmers Market will be under the Pavilion selling their amazing vegetables, baked goods and other fine products. Stop by and see all the great things they have to offer!  Kids can make a free craft!

Soulfull Fried Chicken and Elwood’s Dog House will be on site offering lunch and snacks to purchase!  Musician, Dave Laprise of Accordian Cool will be performing music from big band, old standards, fifties, country, rock n’ roll, and light jazz.

And in honor of it being our 10th anniversary, which we think is a pretty big deal-we’re going BIG!!! Giant yard size Checkers, Twister, Connect 4 and many other fun games to play!!! Best of all, it’s free!

First 500 attendees get free bags!

Save the Date! You won’t want to miss this!

Rain Date-September 24th


Draft Advisory Opinion-Invenergy Project

Today, Pascoag Utility District has distributed it’s draft Advisory Opinion to the public regarding the Invenergy project proposal to treat and use well water from the previously contaminated wells known as Wells 3/3A.  This draft highlights many of the concerns both determined by PUD and expressed to PUD over the past several months about the risks in reactivating this well field, both in terms of contamination threat and in terms of overall sustainability of the aquifer.  A presentation regarding the draft Advisory Opinion will be provided at our Board meeting on August 29th.  Please feel free to provide written comments prior to the meeting, or verbal comments in person at the meeting.  PUD will take all comments into consideration as we prepare the final Advisory Opinion that must be submitted to the Energy Facilities Siting Board by September 12.



Special Meeting Called by the Chairman

A Special Meeting called by the Chairman of the Pascoag Utility District Board of Utility Commissioners will be held on Friday, August 19, 2016, at 10:00 AM in the District office, 253 Pascoag Main Street, Pascoag, RI.


  1. Executive Session  To go into executive session pursuant to 42-46-5 (a) (6), concerning the Invenergy power plant’s intention to locate in the Town of Burrillville. The minutes of said meeting shall remain confidential for as long as necessary pursuant to  RIGL 42-46-4,5,7, until a majority of the Board shall vote to open said minutes as provided for and subject to the open meetings.
  2. Action Item: Contractual relationship with Invenergy
  3. Adjournment

The public is welcome to any meeting of the Board of Utilities council or its committees.  If communication assistance (readers/ interpreters/captioners) is needed or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation, please contact the District Office at least three (3) business days prior to the meeting.