Pascoag Utility District Open House-October 4th 11-2pm

The Pascoag Utility District will be having an Ice-cream Social in honor of Public Power Week! Bring a canned good or non-perishable food item with you to the Open House and receive a ticket for a free ice-cream sundae! There will be free activities for children and conservation information for adults! Enter our raffle for our jam packed Conservation Kits and Energy Saving Products donated by Home Depot!


Children’t activities will include face painting, pumpkin painting, bucket truck rides, halloween games and Home Depot children’s workshop! Adults can find out how to save on the high cost of energy, visit onsite vendors and enter our free energy saving product raffles!


Pascoag Utility District is also proud to announce our CFL Recycling Partnership with Home Depot! Beginning October 4th, Pascoag Utility will be a drop off site to recycle CFL’s. Home Depot will then take the bulbs and have them recycled. Please drop off your burned out, unbroken CFL’s to the District Office and help us keep them out of the landfill!

Guess What??!! The Cost of Something Is NOT Going UP!!

Pascoag Utility District Electric Rates to remain stable for the rest of 2008….


At the July 31st Open Meeting of the RI Public Utilities Commission, Pascoag Utility District’s request to not increase electric rates, for the remainder of 2008, was approved.


Several portions of the electric bill were adjusted to more accurately reflect the various charges incurred by PUD. However, the bottom line remains the same!


That means that a residential customer using 500 kilowatt-hours in a billing period will continue to pay approximately $71. This is the lowest cost for electricity in our state.


By comparison, a National Grid customer, using the same amount of electricity, would pay approximately $93.


The best way, of course, to lower your electric bill is to not use our product!


One way of helping you do this, is to take advantage of our FREE home energy audits.


When it is time to replace an electric appliance, always look for the Energy Star logo. Depending on funding availability, the price of the more energy efficient appliance is offset by Pascoag Utility District Rebates.


Want to learn more? Just contact any of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives; Harle, Linda, Julie or Cathleen.


Ted Garille, General Manager