Renewabel Energy Events at the Burrillville Farmers’ Market!!!

Last year, the Burrillville Farmers’ market teamed up with Pascoag Utility District for the 2009 Public Power Open House. The partnership worked out so well that this year, Pascoag Utility District will be holding renewable energy events at the Burrillville Farmers’ market throughout the summer! So come visit us at the Burrillville Farmers’ Market-135 Harrisville Main Street. Space is limited for workshops, so please call Desarae at 401-568-6222 or email to reserve your spot today!


The Market is open each Saturday, beginning on May 15th from 9AM- 1PM.


By making a donation of $2.00 to the BFMA you will receive the following:


Saturday, May 15th-Burrillville Farmer’s Market Open Day-

Pascoag Utility District will be sponsoring a Water Conservation Booth with RI Water Lady- Beverly O’Keefe. Rainwater barrels will be available for purchase but it’s best to preorder. Go to to preorder your rain barrel by clicking on the Pascoag Utility District banner. The rainwater barrels will then be available for pick up at the Pascoag Utility District Water Conservation Booth. The barrels are made out of recycled food barrels which have been retrofitted to become rain water barrels. Rain water is then captured from the downspout gutters and collected in the 60-gallon rain barrel. One inch of rain water can generate up to 620 gallons on a 1,000 square foot roof!!! The market will also be offering free soil testing courtesy of Master Gardener Pat DiLorenzo. Gardeners are encouraged to bring their soil samples and find out how to improve the quality of their soil. The band, ÒTen Rod RamblersÓ will be playing in the gazebo and there will also be face painting!

Saturday, May 22nd @ 10AM- Solar and Wind Workshop

Tired of high electric bills? Have you thought about installing solar panels or wind turbines but don’t know if it’s worth the hassle? Want to help the planet? Come learn more! Benjamin Swanson from Alteris Renewables will be hosting a workshop on the practicality of solar panels and wind turbines for residential and commercial use. Topics to be discussed include financing, state and federal tax credits and incentives. This is one workshop you don’t want to miss! Space is limited, so please call Desarae at 401-568-6222 or email to reserve your spot today! The Burrillville Farmer’s Market will also be sponsoring a food drive to benefit local food pantries so bring down your canned goods and receive a free market tote bag!

Saturday, August 28th @ 10AM-Biodiesel Workshop

Want to learn about a more environmentally friendly way to heat your home? Jim Malloy from Malloy Biodiesel will be hosting a Biodiesel workshop that will give you the facts on this great alternative fuel! This clean and efficient transportation and home-heating fuel is readily available to all Rhode Islanders!


Pascoag Utility District Successfully Executes Power Supply Strategy

May, 2011


PUD, together with its energy advisor Energy New England, was able to successfully execute its 2012-2014 power supply strategy as approved by the Board of Utility Commissioners for an extremely beneficial deal in sourcing the Standard Offer Service component of our rates. The basic structure of the deal is this:


Term: 3 years beginning in January 2012

Structure – it is called a load following deal. What that means is that hour by hour the counterparty, Constellation Energy, will provide the power we anticipate needing over and above what we already have in other long term contracts such as NYPA, Seabrook and Miller Hydro. So this deal basically fills the gap in our power needs on a continual basis as our customer send-out fluctuates with weather, turning on and off appliances and lights, etc.

There will be little or no excess generation sold back to ISO-NE with this type of structure. For 2012, Constellation will fill the gap completely, in 2013 they will fill the gap up to 80% of our needs, and in 2014, they will fill the gap up to 75% of our customersÕ needs. We left a little room in 2013 and 2014 for other offers that may come up such as the potential Burrillville micro-hydro project or other renewable energy offers, or for other long term power projects that make sense.

Here is the best part… Because of the low cost in the natural gas markets right now, and because the power market in New England correlates very closely with natural gas prices, we were able to secure this deal for all three years at an extremely competitive rate.

At a minimum, PUD projects that this transaction will save over $500,000 on an annual basis compared to 2011, and will minimize non-efficient sales that we sometimes make back to the power grid operator known as ISO-New England.


This will be a great program for the Pascoag Utility District in helping us keep the Standard Offer power supply portion of our rate structure very competitive for the next three years. Energy New England was a critical partner in helping us execute this strategy.


I also want to thank the Board for allowing me and my management team to push this forward.


Mike Kirkwood

General Manager