Julie Choquette Awarded the Carol A. Tracey Customer Service Award!

Pascoag Utility District’s Customer Service Representative, Julie Choquette was awarded the Carol A. Tracey Customer Service Award on June 6th at the annual NEPPA Customer Service Conference.


Julie received the award because she was the lead coordinator responsible for the implementation of PUD’s water meter AMR installation program. She coordinated with the operations staff and scheduled each customer for a meter change out. She was also responsible for all water billing during the transition period where some customers had old meters and other customers had new meters with new software. This was no small feat!


Julie did so well coordinating the project, it was completed one year ahead of schedule and saved the District $150,000 in implementation costs!Pascoag Utility District staff are really proud of her accomplishment and want to extend a big Congratulations to her!

Exxon Settlement Approved!

Rhode Island Superior Court has now fully approved the settlement between Exxon-Mobil, Pascoag Utility, and the Class Action participants. There is a 20 day appeal period. If there are no appeals, Exxon Mobil will issue a check for the full amount to the lead attorney in the case, who will then disburse the funds per the settlement.

Assuming no appeal(s), participants should see their individual settlement checks sometime in early September.