Reminder-Annual Maintenance Hydrant Flushing During the Week of May 8th

This is a reminder that the Pascoag Utility District water department will be performing its annual maintenance flushing this week.  The planned schedule is as follows: Monday – flushing of water storage tanks and Pascoag Main Street near cemetery and Interconnection with Harrisville.  Tuesday – Rock Ave, Eagle Peak, Lake Shore Drive, Camp Dixie, Broad Street, Church Street, Pascoag Main Street, Spring Street. Wednesday – South Main Street, Reservoir Road, Griffin Court.  Thursday: Upper part of Church Street, Howard Avenue, Charles Street, Pine Street, Old Wallum Lake Road, East Wallum Lake Road, Centennial Street, Grove Lane and Union Avenue.  The flushing is aimed at removing the rust sediment that builds up in the bottom of the water mains over the course of this past year.  We use forceful flushing at various hydrants throughout the system to remove this sediment and to scale and remove additional rust off the pipe walls.  You may experience rusty water at times during the week as we flush from location to location.  Thanks for bearing with us as we carry out this important work.