Reading Your Water Bill

Commercial & Industrial Customers

  1. Statement Date – This is the date your bill was processed.
  2. Cycle/Route-this is the cycle and route your meter is read in.
  3. Account Number – This is your personal identification number that Pascoag Utility District uses to identify your service location.
  4. Payment Date – This is the date that the total amount due on your account must be paid by. Please allow 7 days for processing, prior to the due date.
  5. Meter Service Charge – This is based on the size of the meter.
    1. 5/8 inch-$11.18
    2. 3/4 inch-$13.21
    3. 1 inch-$14.85
    4. 1 1/4 inch-$18.26
    5. 1 1/2 inch-$22.13
    6. 2 inch-$28.51
    7. 3 inch-$36.87
    8. 4 inch-$52.76
  6. Fire Hydrant Charge – fire protection charge.
    1. 5/8 inch-$1.75
    2. 3/4 inch-$2.49
    3. 1 inch-$3.08
    4. 1 1/4 inch-$4.31
    5. 1 1/2 inch-$5.71
    6. 2 inch-$8.01
    7. 3 inch-$11.03
    8. 4 inch-$16.77
  7. Water Gallon Usage – consumption.
    1. 1-1,247-.001800/gallon
    2. 1,248-3,740-.002800/gallon
    3. 3,741-24,936-.005100/gallon.
    4. 24,937-9999999999-.009700/gallon.
  8. Water Quality Charge – The Water Quality Charge is paid directly to the State of Rhode Island and is based on the total gallons used at the rate of 0.000292 per gallon.
  9. Harrisville Sur Charge – The amount charged for the total cubic feet used which is payable directly to the Harrisville Fire District for the purchase of water. This rate changes with each billing. Harrisville’s bills are calculated in gallons; Pascoag’s bills are calculated in cubic feet. 1 cubic foot=7.481 gallons.
  10. Sales Tax – Water is taxable in the State of Rhode Island at the rate of 7%. This is paid directly to the State.
  11. Current Services Total – The amount of your current bill.
  12. Gallons Usage History – This section compares your current month’s usage to what it was at the same time last year.
  13. Payment Stub – This is the portion of the bill that is detached and mailed in with the check. It is important to mail your slip with your check so PUD knows which account to apply the check to.

All of these components combined contribute to the total water invoice. The only way to reduce these fixed costs is to conserve water. The District is proud to announce the opening of Well #5. This well will reduce our dependency on the Harrisville water supply by 25%. The District continues to look for alternative water sources, but these will take time to develop. We are counting on our customers to help us reduce our water requirements.

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