Environmental Initiatives

Helping the Environment

At Pascoag Utility District we are committed to doing our part to help the environment.

  • When the Pascoag Utility District remodeled the office in 2005 energy efficient, lighting, windows, doors and the heating system were installed. These products were ENERGY STAR certified and have helped reduce our costs of heating and utility bills while saving energy at the same time.
  • In the back of Pascoag Utility District are the Garage Facility/ Training Classrooms for NEPPA. Linesmen from all over New England attend classes there. We have installed a radiant floor heating system in the Garage Facility/Training Classroom area. This saves the District on fuel costs. In April of 2009, PUD installed a 5kW solar system on the garage roof! 1/8th of Pascoag Utility District’s energy usage is now from solar!
  • In 2006 the District purchased a Ford Escape Hybrid truck for the meter readers to use. The District decided that the Hybrid truck would make a great addition for a number of reasons. First the Hybrid truck would get 30+ miles to the gallon thus saving on gasoline costs. Second, it would be ideal because the meter readers travel locally, and frequently have to stop the truck while going from house to house. This truck is designed to work off of the battery when you are traveling under 25 miles per hour and while making frequent stops.
  • The Pascoag Utility District is proud to participate in an extensive recycling program. All paper that is used by the PUD is shredded and then recycled. Cardboard boxes are also broken down and recycled. PUD purchases many office products that are recyclable or have been recycled. All new office equipment is ENERGY STAR certified. Pascoag Utility District also uses only recyclable plates, napkins, cups and cutlery at events held at the District office.
  • PUD is a member of the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund. The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund is dedicated to increasing the role of renewable energy in Rhode Island’s electricity supply. Renewable energy technologies harness the energy in sunlight, the wind, biomass (growing plant matter and organic wastes) flowing water, waves, tides, or the heat of the earth, to make electricity in a cleaner and more sustainable manner than sources we have traditionally relied on in the past. The Fund, administered by the Rhode Island State Energy Office, has programs to help homeowners, businesses and institutions in choosing and purchasing clean energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems and electricity products available without leaving your current electric utility.
  • In 2009, Pascoag Utility District installed a 5kv photovoltaic system on the garage roof. Customers can see the amount of solar energy being produced by visiting our main office solar energy monitor.
  • In 2012, Pascoag Utility District will purchase 31.2% of electricity from renewable energy sources.

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