Residential Customers

Q. I think my bill is too high this month, what steps can I take to find out if my bill is correct?

A. You can call our customer service department and ask them to check if your consumption was comparable at the same time last year. If it was not we will do a re-read on the meter. If the reading comes back correct there are a few things you can do to find out why you are using so much electricity.

  1. First you will need two people to determine where the biggest source of electricity is drawing from. One person should shut down all the breakers in the house. The second person should stand where the meter is. The first person should begin slowly flipping the breakers on one at a time. The second person should watch to see which breaker is causing the meter to spin the fastest. Once you determine which breaker is causing the biggest draw in electricity, you should be able to figure out which appliance or piece of equipment is on that line that is causing the majority of the draw of electricity.
  2. Another useful tool is to get a Home Energy Audit. A Home Energy Audit is free to Pascoag Utility District Customers. You will receive an in-depth report of the audit results along with suggestions for improvement. Call: 1-888-772-4242 for more details and to schedule an audit.

Q. How can I pay my bill?

A. Cash payments can be made at the District office during normal business hours. Please do not leave cash payments in the afterhours drop box. Checks/money orders may be made in person, by mail, or placed in our after-hours drop box. Credit/debit card payments may be made in person or through our online bill pay system.  If paying by mail, please be sure to include your payment stub, use the return envelope provided   with your bill, and be sure to write your account number on your check.

Q. Does Pascoag generate electricity?

A. Pascoag Electric is strictly a distribution company. That means that Pascoag Electric purchases 100% of the electric energy that it sells to its customers.

Q. Where does Pascoag Electric purchase energy?

A. Pascoag has long term and short term power contracts. And, Pascoag’s power portfolio is mixed – containing hydro electricity, nuclear energy, wind and fossil fuel.

  • Public Service Electric and Gas- 43% (Mostly fossil)
  • New York Power Authority-17% (Hydro)
  • Seabrook-17% (Nuclear)
  • NextEra-7% (Mostly fossil)
  • NextEra RISE-9% (Mostly fossil)
  • Miller Hydro – 2% (Hydro)
  • Canton Wind-2% (Wind)
  • Spruce Mountain – 3% (Wind)

Q. How do my electric rates compare to other Rhode Island electric customers? (Based on a residential customer using 500 kwhrs monthly)

  • National Grid – $106.24
  • Pascoag Utility District – $72.28

Q. My electric bill is too high; could it be that my meter is broken?

A. When a meter starts to break down, the meter will start spinning slower not faster. If the meter was broken you would actually see a lower bill, not a higher one.

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