Residential Solar/Wind Installation Information

I’d like to install solar/wind, what steps should I take?

After speaking with the solar/wind installation company, the Town Builder’s office must be contacted regarding installations to ensure all permitting requirements are met.  Please download a copy of our Net Metering Policy, located at the bottom of our page so that the solar installation company is familiar with our terms and conditions. Once the design of the system is completed you will need to fill out a service location card with our office so that we can approve where the net metering meters will be located. Once we receive the certificate of inspection from the Town Builder’s office we can begin installing the metered service.

How will the net metering meters work?

The meter tech will install three meters. The first records your consumption, the second records your solar production and the third nets out the difference between the two.

How will I be billed?

You will pay your normal electric bill each month. A reconciliation of the kilowatt hours that your solar/wind system produced will happen in December each year. We’ll take the kilowatt hours that you produced and multiply it by our Standard Offer rate (.07793) and apply a credit to your bill. If the credit is maintained for two or more annual reconciliations, the customer can request the credit to be issued in the form of a check. The Standard Offer rate is subject to change annually.

Do you put a cap on the generating capacity of the solar/wind installation?

The generating capacity of the facility cannot exceed ten kilowatts. Larger applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The Net Metering Policy is only intended for residential properties that are owner occupied, not to exceed a three family home.

Net Metering Policy

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